The Best Lender For You

The best lender for you is going to be the one that can lend you a loan with the lowest rate and offer you the best service. How do you find such a lender? Well there are four easy to read signs that will let you know when you found the lender of your dreams:

  1. How quickly are you able to get a hold of the lender and how fast do they call you back.
  2. Can the they answer the 10 questions you ask them as a potential loan officer?
  3. How much information are they willing to freely give you?
  4. Do you ‘click’ with your potential lender? Think of your first call as a first date. Would you go on a second date with the lender? If you don’t feel comfortable the first time talking to the lender, don’t be afraid to find a new one.

It’s a great idea to ask your family and friends if there is a lender they would recommend to you. Your Realtor is a great resource to ask to find local lenders. Realtors usually have their favorite loan offices that you can call and interview.